Action Needed

Activate your Rewards Debit Card today!

Published on: 9/15/2021

A debit card on your account will expire September 30, 2021.

Action needed on your debit card.

As part of our checking account updates earlier this year, we mailed you a new Visa Rewards Debit Card. Our records indicate that a newly issued debit card on your account has not been activated. The card you are currently using will expire on September 30, 2021 regardless of the expiration date printed on your card. To avoid service disruption, please take a moment to activate your new debit card and destroy the old one. 

Your new card should have arrived in a plain white envelope during the month of June. You can easily activate your new card and create a PIN by calling 1-866-839-7482 and selecting option 1.

If you did not receive a new debit card, please visit your local branch, or contact us at 1-865-482-1043 to request a new debit card.

As a courtesy, our Visa Account Updater will automatically update your card information with participating merchants and service providers that you use for regular or recurring payments. This means you can skip the hassle of updating your information manually on multiple sites. Most larger merchants participate in this service. If you’re unsure about a smaller merchant, you can contact them directly or check your account info on their site at least five days after receiving your new card.   

As a Visa Rewards cardmember, you will automatically earn points for every dollar spent. You can easily redeem your points for the following:

  • Cash back

  • Gift cards

  • Travel

  • Credit union product rebates

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