Get Financially Fit


Get Financially Fit

Get Financially Fit

Published on: 8/3/2021

Get Financially Fit

How does a chance to win $2K sound as a reward for getting financially fit?  All gain, no pain.
$1,000 toward your bills and $1,000 toward your savings account.  How do you qualify?  Just step up your smart money moves. 


Add any of these money moves to your mix. 

Tackle any of the following and score entires for a chance to win big.  There's no limit to how many entries you can rack up.  Get pumped.


Add and pay a new bill (boom!)

Set up a new auto payment and even make it a recurring one! You can also use same-day Bill Pay.  One less thing to track. 

Activate a new eBill (done!)

Manage your bills electronically right from your Bill Pay account.  Make organizing your finances your new healthy habit. 

Click here for complete Sweepstakes Rules. 

Show off your smart money moves.  Get financially strong.