Young Adult Advisory Board

We need someone like you to use your voice to make Y-12 Federal Credit Union better! How? By applying to join our Young Adult Advisory Board!

The Young Adult Advisory Board is comprised of Y-12 Federal Credit Union members between the ages of 16 and 24. Together they represent our young adult members and use the board as a platform to provide feedback on the future of banking.

What do current board members have to say about their time volunteering as a board member?
 “Being able to serve on this board has made me realize just how great Y-12 is. I have acquired several new skills from attending the meetings. One of those is having better financial management skills, and I have gained knowledge about financial literacy. The other skills that I have acquired are soft skills such as communicating well with others, being able to solve problems, and being creative in a group setting.” – Megan R.
 “I originally joined the board to gain experience and knowledge about community involved banking, which is what Y-12 is all about, all while providing my personal experience and expertise as a young adult. I like being on the board because I get to see the direct impact my participation has on new features and programs at Y-12.” – Christopher D.

If you enjoy making a difference in the world and want to share your ideas and feedback, then complete and submit this application by October 31st to apply. We will be reviewing applications the first week of November. 

Apply for our Young Adult Advisory Board

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