Get Paid Up to 2 Days Early

You can get paid up to 2 days early when you set up direct deposit — and it's free.

Spend more time with friends at lunch instead of standing in line to deposit your paycheck.

Direct deposit funds to your Y-12 FCU account

  • Enter Y-12 Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number: 264281432
  • Enter your Y-12FCU checking or savings  account number. 
    • For a deposit to checking, use the account number at the bottom center of your personal checks, including any leading zeros (the set of numbers after the routing number).
    • In addition, you can find your account numbers within Online Banking on the Account Info page for each account. Just click on the drop down next to View Account Information, select the account you need, and use the MICR number. 

Your checking account isn't with us? No problem! Use our ClickSwitch to move your checking account from another financial institution.

You may contact our Member Engagement Center with any questions you have at 865-482-1043, 1-800-482-1043, or

Please note: Failure to use the correct account information for direct deposit may delay or prevent the deposit of your funds.