EasyPay Resource Center

A Simpler, Smarter Payment Experience 

Coming August 15th!

EasyPay will allow you to pay your bills, pay a person, and transfer money to external accounts in one convenient location inside online and mobile banking.

  • Bill Pay: Manage your Bill Pay accounts and schedule payments from your phone. 
  • Person-to-Person Payments: Pay a person directly from your mobile banking app. 
  • Easy Transfers to External Accounts: Transfer money to or from your accounts at other financial institutions. 

Act Now to Update your eBills!

If you currently receive eBills, these will not automatically transfer to Easy Pay. Some billers may take up to 45 days to unenroll you from eBills. Here is how to ensure you do not miss a payment:

  1. Unenroll from eBills as soon as possible. Some billers can take up to 45 days to unenroll you. 
  2. Update your billing status with your biller to either paper or electronic statements directly to you.
  3. On August 15th, re-enroll in eBills if your payee is available in EasyPay. eBillers vary by system, so all eBillers may not be available.

What Can You Do to Prepare?

Verify your contact information. 

Confirm your address, phone number, and email address by logging into your online banking or by reviewing your statements. Call or visit your local branch.

Mark your calendar. 

Our conversion will take place on August 15, 2022.

Schedule bills that you need to pay in advance.

Access to the current Bill Pay system will be disabled on August 8th. Prior to that date, you can schedule payments to be made through August 12th. Any bills not scheduled before August 8th will need to be paid in EasyPay on or after August 15th. 

Check your inbox and your mailbox. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing important details that you need to know to ensure that your bills continue to be paid on time. This will include emails, statement inserts, and direct mail. Our EasyPay resource page will be continually updated with the latest information, including tutorial videos to help you learn and navigate the new system.

Print out or download your payment history and payees in Bill Pay. 

If you currently use our POP Money tool, your person to person payees will not convert over to our new system. To ensure that you still have access to this information, we recommend printing it or writing it down before August 8, 2022. Printing out or downloading your payees from Bill Pay also gives you a great backup. History only pulls over for the past 6 months. Members should pull in their last 18-24 months to confirm all information is stored. 

Remove inactive payees. 

Payees that have been inactive for two years or more will not convert over to our new system.

Check back often!

We will continue updating the FAQs and adding resources to this page to prepare you for the transition to EasyPay, including tutorial videos coming soon.