You can never have too much of a good thing.

Have you ever heard someone say “I’ve saved way too much money?” We’re guessing the answer is no. That’s because having too much savings is like being too smart, too healthy, or having too much fun – all problems we’d love to have. So, when it comes to your savings, we want you to have enough, maybe even much more than enough. 

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Regular Savings

The best way to kickstart healthy savings habits is simple: Just start. The best tool to get you started is our Regular Savings Account. With a minimum balance of $1, we make it easy for everyone. Just make the deposit, make a plan, and watch your savings grow.

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Share Certificates

The only thing more thrilling than earning money is watching your money multiply on its own. Our Share Certificates do just that. Multiply your money! With a minimum deposit of $500 and a term of 3 - 60 months, you can significantly grow your account's value doing absolutely nothing. With growth potential much higher than the average savings account, share certificates should be included in every member's financial portfolio. 

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Money Market

We can see it in your eyes. You love the idea of earning higher dividends with share accounts but want access to your money at all times. Fair enough. We’ve got three words for you: Money Market Accounts. You’ll earn more money with a Money Market Account, plus, envision this: You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw your money at will. Now that’s a sight for sore eyes.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

Dreaming of retiring? Let Y-12 FCU help make those dreams a reality - sooner than you imagined!  Learn more about our Individual Retirement Accounts so you can plan your next beach trip instead of  a board meeting. 

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Health Savings

A Health Savings Account lets you save for a rainy day… like that one where you slipped and fell on wet pavement and sprained your ankle. Our team will help you set up an HSA that you can use to pay for medical expenses, including hospital stays, medication and supplies, with pre-tax dollars. You won’t need your HSA every day, but when you do, it’s nice to know the money’s there. Because when it rains, it pours.

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Club Accounts

Have a holly-jollier season with our Christmas Club Account. Open an account today and set up payroll transfers. Then, watch your funds grow. In 12 months, what you’ve saved will automatically get deposited into your primary savings account, just in time to buy the perfect present for everyone on your list. (Cup of cheer and mistletoe not included.)
Does that trip to a tropical paradise seem very, very far away? Make your dream vacation a reality with our Vacation Club Account. When you sign up, choose how much and how often you want to contribute. With every deposit, you’ll be one step closer to that comfy hammock on the beach. (You know the one we’re talking about – with that authentic-looking tiki hut and the cute server who brings you snacks.)

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Who says a buck doesn’t get you anything these days? Here, with a $1 initial deposit, kids of all ages will get a savings account specially designed for them. It’s full of extras too – like birthday gifts, fun learning opportunities, and best of all, the chance to watch their money grow. That’s a lot of value for $1, don’t you think?

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