Report Card Fraud Or Dispute Transactions

  • Step 1

    Freeze Your Card

    Use the Card Control feature in Digital Banking under the Cards menu to prevent further transactions.

  • Step 3

    Request A Replacement Card

    You can order a replacement in Digital Banking under the Cards menu.


Report any lost or stolen card immediately by calling us at 800-482-1043.

How A Dispute Works

  • 1. Report

    Report the transaction(s) within 60 days of the statement date by contacting us.

  • 2. Review

    Our Card Services team receives, reviews, and then sends the claim to a third-party processor.

  • 3. Grant

    A provisional credit will be issued to your account or credit card.

    For fraud claims, we will grant the credit within 10 business days from the claim submission date.

  • 4. Investigate

    You may receive communications from the processor requesting supporting documentation. Please respond during the specified timeframe or the case may be closed.

  • 5. Determine

    The processor makes a determination based on the case's facts. It could be found in favor of:
    1. The member, and the provisional credit becomes permanent.
    2. The merchant, and the provisional credit is removed.


Disputes safeguard against deceitful, dishonest, or otherwise inaccurate behavior from a merchant. 

Some examples of when to dispute a card transaction include:

You paid for a good or service that was not received.
You returned a product but did not receive a credit to your account. 
A transaction on your account was posted for a different amount than expected. 
A legitimate transaction posted to your account more than one time.