Y-12 Credit Union

We've got a new lookHere's why.

Our new brand reflects:

our commitment 
to growth + innovation

the unique story 
that defines us

the modern Credit Union 
we are today

You've got whysAnd we're here for it.

A yard for the dogs. 
Room for two car seats. 
That trip to Europe. 

You have goals
You have plans
And you have your whys. 

We're here to bring the how to every one of them. 

You've got questionsWe've got answers.

  • Absolutely, yes! The same awesome people and personal service you adore are right here.

  • Our brand tells the story of who we are, and like any good story, it evolves over time. Our new, fresh image boldly represents the modern, innovative Credit Union we are today.

  • Our legal name is Y-12 Federal Credit Union, but our friends have always called us Y-12 Credit Union, so we got on board. You’ll still see Y-12 Federal Credit Union on “the official stuff.”

  • Finances are serious business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun talking about them. Afterall, we’re friends, right?!

  • You betcha! Your funds will always be safe with us.

  • No, we aren’t.

  • We know your wheels are turning and you have a lot of questions. Does this help?
    • Nothing is changing with your accounts, services, or digital banking.
    • Your debit and/or credit card will not be replaced immediately; when it expires, you’ll receive a new design.
    • The next time you order checks, they’ll have the new logo. For now, just keep writing the ones you have.