School Partnerships

School Partnerships

Did you know that over 64% of adults identify finance as one of their main stressors? Our school program serves as an early intervention system that teaches students the importance of financial education. Students are given real world scenarios through simulated financial modules powered by a decade of research from our partner, Everfi, that help develop knowledge in a variety of important areas like budgeting, savings, and planning for a successful future. If there is a particular topic that students want to focus on, our team is able to tailor modules to meet specific areas of interest. In addition, students are given volunteer opportunities and have the ability to open a Y-12 FCU account backed by the support and expertise of our certified Fusion Team, who are available to help facilitate the entire process and encourage healthy spending habits.

Program Benefits

College Scholarships

When FUSION helps your students join the credit union, they are gaining the opportunity to become a member, which means also gaining the opportunity to apply for the Bill T. Hicks scholarship. Each year graduation seniors are invited to apply for these financial awards. 

Financial Industry Speakers

We believe in collaboration and a key feature of partnership is providing you with finance and technology industry professionals that will come to your class and take you lesson to the next level. Our Financial Outreach Advisors are always ready to join the class virtually or physically to cover a wide range of financial topics. 

Online Resources

Social Media

FUSION is active on a growing number of popular digital platforms. We want your students to have access to life changing financial literacy 24/7 and that means actively working to be involved on the platforms they use the most.  

Everfi Achieve Modules

Everfi modules are free, available online 24/7 and designed for K-12 students and adults alike. These modules offer a variety of financial topics and engage users with practical application while allowing students to navigate and learn subject matter at their own pace. 

Need to talk to someone? Schedule a virtual session with one of our certified personal counselors. We’re here to meet you where you are.

Engaging Content

Classroom Presentation Topics

We can tailor our presentations between 15-90 minutes and can facilitate digital account opening assistance right in the classroom. Topics include: budgeting, credit and debt management, and many other essential lessons. Please contact us for a complete list of available workshops and seminars. 

Mad City Money Simulation

Offered as a two hour hands-on simulation, CUNA Mad City Money gives youth a taste of the real world - complete with occupation, salary, spouse, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments.  They make mistakes - and suffer the consequences of their decisions - in a realistic, but safe, environment. 

We are pleased to announce the creation of our Fusion Brand Ambassador Program for area high schools! 

What this means for your students is an incredible opportunity to promote financial wellness in your schools, with their fellow students, and in your local community! This program is a volunteer role. The application includes a form (current community involvement is a plus!), an interview, and a review of the applicant's social media presence for suitability.





Two events per year with Fusion and wear branded items

One Ambassador training per year



Must be a high school student in one of our partnership schools

Must maintain a "C" or better average


Social Media

Post on social media twice per month, 

This can include sharing our content or creating content



Must sign a Confidentiality and Good Conduct Policy Waiver

Must understand that this is a volunteer role

Must be a Y-12 FCU member





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